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Road Trip
  • Jocelyn Pittson

Major Inspection - What Is It and Why Does My Car Need One?

Updated: Apr 25

Summertime is upon us! The skies are bluer, the air is warmer, and you might be gearing up for your summer vacation. Whether you’re planning a trip across the country, or just to the grocery store, now is a great time to get a set of eyes to look your vehicle over. It’s important to stay aware of any maintenance needs, safety concerns, and future recommendations that your car has so you can be ready for anything.

Here at Sav-Mor Auto Clinic, we have an awesome service called a major inspection. What’s awesome about it is that our technicians will use their years of experience to personalize your inspection so you are getting all the information needed and prioritized for your situation. The same components are checked with every inspection, but your technician might focus in on specific areas depending on your intent for the inspection and your future plans for the vehicle. For example, going on a road trip, preparing for a season change, looking to buy/sell the vehicle, etc. Click here for a complete list of everything that's looked at in our major inspection.

A service advisor and vehicle owner standing in front of her car discussing recommendations from the technician

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend getting your vehicle inspected at least once a year, and we would agree! Staying aware of and taking action on all of your car’s present and future needs is the best way to keep it running great, and avoid costly repairs in the future. FinanceBuzz conducted a survey that found that 64% of Americans are putting off their vehicle maintenance. Out of everyone surveyed, a whopping 46% of people said that they had to do a repair that could’ve been avoided if they’d performed their maintenance services on time (Koebert, 2023). Additionally, with how costly it is to replace something like an engine or a transmission nowadays, it’s always better to maintain rather than repair or replace.

A lot of people will delay taking their car to get looked at because they’re worried about the costs of what their car needs, or don’t want something to be recommended to them that isn’t actually needed yet. We get you. Our technicians will be able to identify items that are needed now, as well as items that will be needed in the future. Our service advisors will then build quotes on these recommendations, and talk with you about pricing and priority so you can set up a game plan to get your car back to tip-top shape. We will never start on a repair without going over pricing and getting your approval beforehand.

A car driving through a canyon after finishing a major inspection

So, if you’re heading on a road trip soon, want an opinion on a vehicle you might buy, or if it’s just been awhile since you had someone look at your car, give us a call and we can answer any questions you may have, and get you set up for an appointment!


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