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Glenn - Mechanic

Glenn Mitchell

Sav-Mor Auto's Beginning

     Sav-Mor Auto opened its doors on January 5, 1981. Carl Atkinson and Glenn Mitchell started it together. 'We built this business on honesty & integrity and believe that the most valuable asset in running a successful business is the customer.' Glenn dedicated nearly 40 years of service to his employees and customers. He is a true believer of the importance of honesty and integrity in all aspects of his life, including building an automotive repair business. As many customers can attest, Glenn has a well-deserved reputation of being trustworthy and regularly goes out of his way to help others.  Glenn’s service throughout his life has inspired many people and we are dedicated to continue his legacy of service here at Sav-Mor Auto for many years to come. 


     When you call in to Sav-Mor Auto, the first thing you'll always be greeted with is a cheerful voice saying, 'Saaaaaaaaav-Mor Auto!' This trademark greeting has a bit of history to it, something that started when Sav-Mor opened, at a time when Ed McMahon was greeting TV viewers every night with 'Heeeeeeeeere's Jonny!' For over four decades, Sav-Mor Auto has provided cheerful, friendly, personal service to its customers.

     Alex Mitchell is the current owner of Sav-Mor Auto and strives to run the business the way his dad taught him with honesty and integrity at the forefront.  He has had the opportunity to learn from his dad throughout his life and specifically relating to Sav-Mor during the 10+ years they worked here together.  Alex strives to keep the "tried and true" practices of what has made this shop what it is, while also working to integrate new technologies and processes that will allow us to continue to take care of our customers and their cars for many years to come.

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